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Window tinting is the plastic film that is often applied to vehicle windows, other than the front windscreen, as an aftermarket product. It is not typically available as a factory-fit option on new cars. It is most commonly offered as an aftermarket product by dealers and independent operators. It is made of polyester and is applied to the inside of the vehicle’s windows using an adhesive.

Why do people have their windows tinted?

There are a number of reasons motorists choose to tint their vehicle’s windows, including:

* A perceived reduction in glare from the sun during the daytime,
* A perceived reduction in heat being transmitted into the vehicle by the sun during the daytime,
* A perceived subsequent reduction in load on the vehicle’s air conditioning system, as a result of the reduction in heat entering the vehicle,
* An increase in privacy for the vehicle’s occupants, since people cannot see inside the vehicle’s tinted windows as clearly as with non-tinted windows; and
* A desire to increase the aesthetic appearance of their vehicle.